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United States
Majority of fandoms

ICON/AVATAR SOURCE: :iconpoiaroid:~<3








Art Trade with :iconrt-001: Waiting on their part

Art Trade with :iconjamescoughlin: Waiting on their part

Art Trade with :iconarachin: Sketching

On one more note, i can very intolerant of the brony community.
Please avoid talking to me about the subject at all times.

ALL IDS/ICONS/AVATARS I USE GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS Tumblr Art blog Twitter Steam [Do not add me unless you lemme know through a note first]

Dear friends and inspirations!
:iconpoiaroid: :iconavaarana: :iconglacebon: :iconwolfroxy: :iconosolito: :iconrt-001: :iconneotheta::icondansyron:
Got tagged by :iconwinged-seahorse:

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share ten things about themselves
3. Answer the questions given to you and create ten for the people you tag
4. Choose ten people and place their icons on the journal
5. Go inform the people you tagged
6. Don't say you are tagged if you read this
7. Legitimately tag 8-10 people (like hell im doing that)
8. No tag backs
9. Don't say you don't do tags 
10. Make a journal, no comments unless they are about the actual entry

10 things about myself
1. I am not good at these 10 things about yourself things, just like everyone else
2. I REALLY LIKE Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann
3. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE MY OC ELIJAH She is my wife and my wife alone.
4. I still play Runescape
5. I look stronger then then i am with a jacket on lmao
6. I am one REALLY adaptive motherfucker
7. I'm much younger then people think I am
8. If i had to go gay for one guy, It'd be Markiplier. (Or Suka)
9. I think of myself MOSTLY positively i guess
10. I am a manwhore for furry girls okay

Wingy's Questions
1. The thing I Love and Hate about my art style at the moment is that it's just at a constant flux and super adaptive and I could probably change styles in a heartbeat given i practice enough.
2. Programming, Definitely Programming
3.My dream home is kinda always a flux. Sometimes i want a Nice Modern mansion in the woods and mountains with lots of windows to let in natural sunlight. Sometimes i want something that's just kinda secluded and small as well but still nice looking and so on.
Basically though i want a house that can change to whatever i want it to be, and lots of windows for natural sunlight cause damn even though i hate going outside i like the Sun shinin' in.
4. Elijah
5. Not on Deviantart, I'm far more comfortable roleplaying over at the MSPA Forums
6. Some of my OC's are actually manifestations of some of my emotions and personality! Every one of my OC's is unnaturally good hearted at their deepest for sure.
7. Does a computer count?
8. Elijah dies (oh my god please no. WHY DID YOU DO THAT WINGY I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT)
9. The Metro Redux trailer music [link] (it really pisses me off I cant find a version of the music without the trailer bits >:C )
10. Some sort of Wolf Eevee? (isnt that what some of them already are or some shit, or at the very least canine like?)

10 questions for those who I tag
1. Favorite thing about your art?
2. Favorite thing about yourself? (Body or Otherwise c: )
3. Cats Or Dogs (You will be judged)
4. Glass half full or Half Empty? (don't lie)
5. What are you listening to right now? (Music)
6.How much do you pamper/give attention to your OCs?
7. What's your favorite Ethnicity/Race? (For Example, American (lmao), Spanish, Egyptian, Russian, Furry, Argonian, Khajiit, whatever the fuck.)
8. Favorite Video game? (Or if you're like me, List a few of your favorites, like Mien would be Metro, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Leauge, and so on)
9. WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE YOUTUBER (Mine's Markiplier Dude's a fuckin hero)
10a. HAVE you ever played Dark Souls? How was your experience with it? (You will be judged again)
10b. If you haven't played dark Souls, Do you like writing Stories or roleplaying?

Hit and run tags
I'm a little unoriginal but lets go with some positive questions!
(also like fuckin hell im tagging 10 people, i tagged 9 instead)
:iconpoiaroid: :iconjamescoughlin: rem if they dont do it YOU TAG THEM TOO
:iconosolito: :icondragontechtigerchaos: :iconncaddict: :iconxxmteexx: I know you do these things you memers
:iconglacebon: :iconthe-holy-avacado-97: :iconred909: This would be fun for you guys!

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Prices and stuff on my Journal -->…


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